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Goodman 3 Ton Air Conditioning System | Front Return Air Handler | 14.5 Seer2 | 15 Seer | 8 kw Heater | GSXH503610 - AWST36LU1408


GSXH503610 - AWST36LU1408

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Model: GSXH503610 - AWST36LU1408

Model: GSXH503610

GSXH5 Goodman Air Conditioner Specifications Sheet Click Here

Goodman Central Air Conditioner also known as the Goodman AC Unit. This Goodman Air Conditioner is the Outdoor unit in a Goodman HVAC System. It provides Cooling Only when connected to the Evaporator Coil.

Model: AWST36LU1408

AWST Goodman Air Handler Specifications Sheet Click Here 

The Goodman Wall Mount Air Handler also known as Goodman Front Return Air Handler and is the indoor unit in an Air Conditioning System. Sometimes called an Electric Furnace because you can add an Auxiliary Heater to run while the outdoor unit is off. It contains a blower wheel with a motor and an evaporator coil connected to the outdoor unit by a copper lineset.