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- Multi Zone Mini Split Systems

Buying the Best Mini Split System of 2020 is not an easy task.

There are benefits to buying a Recognized Name Brand Mini Split over others.
Name Brand Mini Splits might cost more in the beginning because the Manufacturer tests and ensures the final product is compliant with industry standards.
A Name Brand Mini Split will have years of warranty and parts support well beyond other brands. You can be confident the Name Brand Mini Splits we offer will be around for years to come.  We know our customer will have great experiences with these brands and enjoy them for years to come. Name Brand Mini Split Systems are reliable and have outstanding warranties of up to 12 years.

If your HVAC System stops working we consider it an emergency.
We have a Nation Wide Network to help you source warranty parts quickly.
We can also help your Mini Split Service Technician with resources for diagnosis and repair to get you up and running quickly.

Multi Zone Mini Split System offer the ability to Mix and Match indoor units depending on the type of air flow needed. Ductless Indoor Units offer the Best Indoor Air Quality. Ductless Indoor Units can be Wall Mounted, Floor Mounted or can be Ceiling Recessed eliminating air ducts. Mini Split Manufacturers also offer Indoor Horizontal Ducted and traditional Whole House Air Handlers to provide a sleek look without jeopardizing efficiency. Each Mini Split Indoor Unit can be set to a different temperature giving the user their own Climate Control.

Multi Zone Mini Heat Pump Systems offer exceptional Cooling and Heating.
The Most Energy Efficient Mini Splits use Inverter Compressor Technology.
Mini Slit Systems are designed to be highly efficient all year round, and their low energy consumption is reflected in lowering energy bills for you. ENERGY STAR certified ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps use 60% less energy than standard home electric resistance based heating systems.

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