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Warranty Policy

If your HVAC System stops working we consider it an emergency. We have a Nationwide Network to help source warranty parts quickly. We can help your Technician with resources for diagnosis and repair, to get you up and running quickly.

Our Customer Service Team is here to register your equipment after it has been installed to secure your maximum years of warranty coverage. All air conditioning equipment needs to be registered to extend the manufacturers warranty to the maximum amount of years available. If the equipment is not registered the parts warranty will default to 5 years and customers will be at risk of unnecessary expenses due the lack of registration. 

We offer Free Shipping On Warranty Parts during the period covered by the manufacturer (Excluding Compressors, Coils or Unit Replacements). If your technician cannot find a warranty part locally we can help with our Nationwide Network.

We will be here to help source any repair parts needed during the life of the Warranty or after it. 

Contact our Warranty Department with any questions at