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About Us is part of a Veteran Family owned and operated company that provides Homeowners and Builders the right HVAC equipment at a great price.

The company is run by the best trained logistics specialist possible. A First Responder, Firefighter and Paramedic that knows how to deliver resources when life and property are at risk.

In the HVAC Business customers lives are not at risk, but their Livelihood is. Our customers depend on Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment and if supply stops their lives become very uncomfortable.

The current manufacturing delays and rising shipping costs of inventory has started to increase sale prices. We figure out how to keep cost down so sale prices stay affordable for our customer’s. 

Manufacturers Love Us Because We:
  • Preserve Brand Reputation
  • Eliminate redundant shipping costs
  • Provide Customers With Warranty Support
  • Acquire new customers who would not have considered the brand otherwise by comparing value vs cost
Customers Love Us Because We:
  • Communicate
  • Research to identify new products
  • Provide a dependable flow of inventory
  • Help customers with Value Engineering
  • Provide inventory stock checks before a purchase
  • Compare brands and explain why certain models have a better value
  • Use factory-direct fulfillment when necessary to reduce transit times by more than 50%
Our mission is to provide Excellent Customer Service by educating our customers. We believe once our Customer understands what they need they can make the best choice.
We Remember:
The most important attribute of a company is "Excellent Customer Service"
Call in and get to know us, We will treat you better than a friend, we will treat you like Family.
Thank you for Considering !