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Mini Split Line Set 1/4 x 1/2 | 15 ft | LS14121215DMSF



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Mini Split Copper Line Set, With Twin Tube Closed Cell Insulation.

The Copper Line Set transports the refrigerant from the condenser to the air handler. This is a Bolt On Type of Line Set and does not need soldering. This line set is Machine Flared and has universal nuts on all 4 ends. It is suggested to use the nuts provided on the Mini Split by the manufacturer. In that case this line set can be cut and re-flared with the manufacturers nuts.

The line set consist of two semi-flexible copper pipes to connect the outdoor to the indoor evaporator coil. The smaller pipe is called the liquid line. The larger pipe is referred to as the suction line.


  • Machined Flared
  • 1/2" Wall Insulation
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Forged Construction
  • Twin Tube Insulation
  • 410A Approved Flare Nuts
  • Closed Cell Structure Insulation
  • Density 4/6 lbs/ft - ASTM D1667
  • OEM Approved Insulation & Flare Nuts
  • Water Vapor Permeability - ASTM C355
  • Excellent UV Weather Resistance - ASTM G23
  • Ozone Resistance - No cracking - ASTM D1171

For more substantial protection, place in a protective jacket or protective channel. Additional coating, jacketing or placement in a channel is optional. Regardless of insulation composition, it is recommended, at minimum, to coat insulation on exterior applications with 2 coats of ArmaFlex WB Finish.

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Mini Split Line Set Spec Sheet "Download Here"