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VIVE Thermostat 3H/2C | Non-Programmable | TP-N-751


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Vive products respond to every phase of life with corresponding comfort and style. Our cutting edge temperature management is easy to program and user-friendly, and it communicates with almost any HVAC system. Advanced technology and the large, blue LED display offer timeless appeal with contemporary flair. Experience the exclusive controls that bring maximum performance, efficiency and comfort into the home or commercial setting.


  • Heat Pump
  • Auxiliary Heat
  • Display Size 6"
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Emergency Heat
  • Battery Powered
  • Gas, Electric Or Oil
  • 24v Power (Hardware)
  • Filter Change Reminder
  • Conventional Heat/Cool
  • Compressor Short Cycle Delay
  • Room Temperature Calibration
  • Minimum Compressor Run Time
  • Adjustable Heating Temperature Swing
  • Adjustable Cooling Temperature Swing